Gustav Adolf Memorial

Gustav II Adolf and Lützen are inextricably linked. The Gustav Adolf memorial bears witness to the fate of the Swedish king and general who fell here.

Remember, commemorate, admonish

Like the Lützen 1632 Museum, the Gustav Adolf Memorial also commemorates the "Battle of Lützen". However, although the museum dedicated to the nameless victims of war and violence was only opened in 2023, the commemoration of the king is as old as the battle itself.

The memorial stone was surrounded by a canopy designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1837 and today forms the Gustav Adolf Monument. It is complemented by the Gustav Adolf Chapel and two Swedish houses with a small museum. Together, the impressive ensemble tells the story of the place. And today it is also an intercultural meeting place that calls for peace.

Sweden in Saxony-Anhalt

Even if the rumour persists: The Gustav Adolf Memorial in Lützen is not extraterritorial Swedish territory. Nevertheless, it bears witness to the close partnership between Lützen and Sweden that still exists today.

The memorial site, which is signposted in both German and Swedish, is jointly maintained by the town of Lützen and a Swedish foundation. This cooperation shows that friendship is stronger than war, and not just at the annual commemorations on 6 November.


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